Basketball Match

PIASS played their 2nd mid match on 27/02/2022 with CEFOTEC who were taken part in the high school tournament. CEFOTEC got the ball in hand during the jump but PIASS found their first basket through the captain.Until 1st 10mins CEFOTECH could not touch the board due to the solid defense of the “PIASS MAMBAS”. PIASS converted every ball that reached their court to the basket and kept the CEFOTEC down. At the end of first quarter PIASS shut CEFOTEC with scores 24-8.

At the end of the match we sat together in the Piass restaurant and shared Soda and snacks among us as well as hearing of speech from the Guild Minister of Sport and Culture who welcome them to PIASS. His speech began with a friendly smile as he stepped forward by saying “my foremost gratitude goes to God who guided us and prevented any misfortune to happen. Likewise, my warmest welcome to students and administrators of the CEFOTEC! I believe you have waited impatiently for this day to come. Well, that day has finally happened, and all of us — the Guild Council, administrators, and other members of the PIASS community — are thrilled to see you collected here in the campus restaurant”. He continues with a words that got the crowd cheering as he said “I am a new minister of sports which my core motive is to awaken the sporting life of PIASS students through different activities which includes a day like this. If truth be told, you are the very first school, I have the privilege of welcoming to PIASS restaurant. For this reason, you will always be special to me. I look forward to having more exciting events with you and also those who are in their final year and may be interested in joining PIASS for their undergraduate programs are warmly welcome”. He ended his speech by thanking all the players and wishing CEFOTEC a best of luck in their future matches. Appreciation Notes to PIASS ADMINISTRATORS FOR THE SUPPORT

The Guild Committee and PIASS/SU humbly write a word of appreciation to Vice Chancellor who financed the match and also granted us the opportunity to host our guests after the match. We are grateful to the wonderful support and we looking forward to receive many other support from you.

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