Our Children Library

No-one should doubt the importance of children's library to children and their families all over the world. They are often the first encounter with lifelong learning, introducing the readers and learners of the future to an exciting, rich and varied resources. The 21st century has brought many challenges and many opportunities, it is up to the managers and practitioners of library services to make sure that children have the best start in their reading and learning lives.

The PIASS Library has undertaken Children's Libraries Services to represent good practice in library services for children. The PIASS Library Services for Children Aged 3-14 will support the development and improvement of library services for children in all regions around PIASS. The intention is to offer high quality children's services in the digital age and recognising the changing role of the library in modern society. The PIASS library is deeply committed to core roles in supporting literacy, learning and reading and is focused on the community around it. This should include all children regardless of race, religion, gender, cultural background, socio-economic status, intellectual.


The mission of PIASS children library is to support literacy, learning and reading among children. The special responsibility of the children's library is to meet the needs of children. If children can be inspired at an early age by the excitement of finding knowledge and by works of the imagination, they are likely to benefit from these vital elements of personal development throughout their lives, both enriching themselves and enhancing their contribution to society. Children can also encourage parents and other adults to make use of the library. It is also important that young people who experience difficulty in learning to read should have access to a library to provide them with appropriate material as stated by UNESCO Guidelines for development (2001).

The Goals of PIASS children library are:

  • To facilitate the right of every child to information, literacy, cultural development, lifelong learning and creative programmes in leisure time
  • To provide children with access to a wide range of appropriate resources and media
  • To help children develop digital media information literacy skills
  • To provide cultural and recreational programmes, oriented towards reading and literacy
  • To provide various activities for children
  • To encourage children to become confident and competent individuals and citizens
  • To facilitate community partnerships so together we provide programmes and services to all children in the community.
The PIASS children's library must serve all citizens and groups. No-one is too young to be a library user. Target groups coming into the children's library, either individually or in groups, include:
  • Babies/toddlers
  • Pre-school children
  • Elementary/primary school children (age 5-10)
  • Older children (age 11 - 14)
  • Young people with reading, learning and developmental difficulties
  • Parents and other adults working with books / media and children
  • Families