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Application for September Intake 2019 Now Open

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A. Masters of Theology in Community Care and Development ,Masters of Theology in Christian Ethics and Leadership

Programme Eligibility

The programme will be attended by students who    successfully completed a Bachelor’s Programme with honours or its equivalent in humanities and social    sciences. Candidates must show the ability to study  effectively in English. However, the writing-up and  defence of a Master ‘Thesis might be conducted either in English or French according to the candidate’s choice.
The programme is taught within two academic years for full-time students. 
Mode of Attendance
School Base :  between 8 am and 5 pm during working days
First Session(1 month): May, 2019
Second Session(1 month): November, 2019
Teaching Philosophy
Commitment to excellence: It is believed that strong teaching habits require practice, time and coaching.
Learning by doing: Students construct their own knowledge, based on their own experiences and the way they interact with the context to be operating in. Consequently fieldworks and industrial attachment play

Application Procedure
Application forms can be obtained from Huye or Karongi Campus Or downloaded from PIASS Website www.piass.ac.rw.
All applications dully completed must be accompanied by deposit bank slip of Rwf 25,000  or $ 30 (non-refundable Application fee) payable at Bank of Kigali Account No 050-0085129-77 Or at Umwalimu SACCO Account No 0108001-00 Or Banque Populaire du Rwanda Account No 461-2333320-11

Download : Master Program Application Form September intake 2019-2020.pdf

Important Dates for Application and Registration

International students: September 15, 2019

Rwandan students: October 15, 2019
Stay on campus: November 11 - December 14, 2019

Apply now. The deadline for receiving applications for admission, September intake(Academic year 2019-2020) is as follows:

International students: September 15, 2019
Rwandan students: October 15, 2019
Stay on campus: November 11 - December 14, 2019

 For more information, please contact us:
Office of Registrar
P O Box 619 Butare - Rwanda
Email: registrar@piass.ac.rw
Masters’ Programme Coordinator
Email: office-of-postgraduate@piass.ac.rw

Phone Number: 0788689293
Coordination Office - Karongi Campus
Office Ph. Num: (+250)0787633323
Website: www.piass.ac.rw

Download full text about the Admission requirements:
  MA Admission Requirements September intake 2019-2020.pdf