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Application for September Intake 2019 Now Open

PIASS,Huye Po Box 619,RW

Office of Quality Assurance :(+250)788623526

Office of Vice Chancellor :(+250)788310811

Registrar's Office:(+250)788445456,registrar@piass.ac.rw



Art 1. PIASS is open to every person fulfilling the requirements set by PIASS Senate in addition to the National Council for Higher Education of Rwanda in regard to the admission to the university studies in Rwanda.

Art 2. PIASS admits new students in two distinct intakes in a single year (September and March intakes). Deadline for application is scheduled three weeks after the beginning of teachings.

Art 3. PIASS provides a wide range of undergraduate programs which are essential to the needs of societies, particularly Rwandan society. Individual candidate is free to register in appropriate program on his/her democratic choice provided that entry requirements are fulfilled.

Art 4. Students register for specific modules for a semester or an academic year, on either a full-time or part-time basis. Exceptions may include students repeating modules, those on exchange visits, students who may have taken an approved interruption of studies (Dead year or Dead semester).

Art 5. A part-time student has permission to cover the same ground over a longer period and so to take fewer credits in a given semester or academic year

Art 6. To be admitted to lectures or other teaching/learning activities of the institution or to examinations or other assessments, students must be registered on the appropriate programme within a faculty.

Art 7. To be admitted to the first year of an undergraduate programme it is necessary to have a Rwandan National Examination Certificate with a two principal passes or a qualification or other evidence of ability to study on the programme applied for considered equivalent.

Applicants must also demonstrate sufficient competency in English to study at higher education level (pass entry English examination with 75%). Otherwise he/ she must register for Intensive English Training (120 hours).


Art 8. Students must register individually at Registry Services at the beginning of each academic year and Semester before the beginning of teaching. The academic year has two semesters. The offense to this shall lead to the cancellation of assignments and examination .

Art 9. The dates between which students may register shall be advertised by the office of the Registrar one month before the end of the semester. Student may register for a semester not later than one week after the start of that semester (please check with the registry service)

Art 10. Students requesting entry with credit transferred from another Higher Education Institution must first seek the advice from the Dean of the concerned faculty.

The later shall communicate to the office of academic Registrar whether the transfer is possible or not. In case of modules to be validated, the candidate is required to pay required fees for each module or unit. No candidate shall be admitted in level III and IV with core modules to study in previous years (level I&II).


Art 11. Late registration may be accepted, but a late registration fee of five thousand (Rwf 5000) may be applied.

Art 12. A student’s registration may be withdrawn at any time during the academic year by the senate through the Deputy Vice Chancellor on the grounds of a serious omission or false declaration at registration or an absence without permission or justification of more than a month during the academic year.

Art 13. The names under which students are registered will be used on all Institution documents. Any request for change of name must be supported by legal documentation.

Art 14.  At registration step every student is given a registration number which will be used on all his/her Institution documents. Registration number is unique to the registered student. In case of duplication, students are highly requested to report to the office of Academic Registrar.

Art 15. Student shall be given registration number upon the payment of required direct university fees. These include application fee and first installment of tuition fees as published by the office of registrar an finance. Otherwise the issuance of registration number is possible when a justification from finance department is shown to registry services.

Art 16. Students are provided with provisional registration number along with green card after presenting bank slips showing the payment of application fees. Definitive registration number is issued once all required payment has made.

Download Application Form : Application Form for Undergraduate Studies.pdf