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PIASS,Huye Po Box 619,RW

Office of Vice Chancellor : (+250)788310811

Registrar: (+250)785150811,registrar@piass.ac.rw

Computer Lab

PIASS takes ICT (Information and Communication Technology) as a strong tool to reach high quality Education. The University is fully committed to maintain strong backbone information to support the research and communication needs for both students and staff.

2 computer laboratories with 40 computers (20 computers for each lab) with internet connection.

Documentation on internet is free of charge for students.

Computer laboratories are always open (from 8:00 AM up to 10:30 PM) for research and revision purposes.

To ensure the total quality of computer lab management with the purpose of ensuring high quality service delivery, the following are rules and regulations for the computer lab:

  • The computer laboratory is open to students during scheduled computer lesson and any time as may be fixed by the Head of Computer Department.
  • Flash discs shall be used  after  scanned
  • Any malfunctions shall be reported to the Head of Computer Lab. Students should not attempt to carry out any repairs or touch any switches on the computer or on the peripherals. Please inform lab staff of any issues or malfunctions.
  • No food or drink at computer workstations.
  • Don't disconnect cables from the computer equipment to plug in to personal devices
  • People working in study groups are asked to keep their voices down as much as possible.
  • Cell phone conversations are not allowed. Calls can be taken in the hallway or lobby areas outside of the labs.
  • Users must never dismantle or attempt to troubleshoot any equipment within the Student Labs. Playing games, watch movies, porn websites and social media are prohibited
  • In order to use the computer lab, user must be a current PIASS students, lecturers or staff.
  • Any user must present a student card to Responsible of Computer Lab
  • Remember to switch off computer after the lecture.


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