PIASS • Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences


PIASS,Huye Po Box 619,RW

Office of Vice Chancellor : (+250)788310811

Registrar: (+250)785150811,registrar@piass.ac.rw

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Today, on a plot of 3,5 Ha, following infrastructure and facilities are available:

- 5 large classrooms with a capacity of 120 students each + 1 king size class room with a capacity of 400 students

- 4 middle size classrooms with a capacity of 80 students each

- 6 small size classrooms with a capacity of 30-40 students and for seminars

- 2 computers labs with a capacity of 40 seats (20 computers) each

- A library with 60 seats in reading room and 25’000 books

- 3 Offices for Deans and 3 for Lecturers of each Faculty, one for each chaplain and examination officer as well as 8 for the management (Rectorate) equipped with computers, internet and interlinked through intranet connection

- 3 rooms for archives;

- Ground floor offices for reception and registration.

- A multifunctional Main Hall with a capacity of 500 seats

- Wireless building Internet access and link to optic fibre all over the Huye Campus:

- Website

- 2 cafeterias

- A Hostel with a capacity of around 150 beds for respectively female and male students

- 7 houses for Senior Staff accommodation

- 1 Volley-ball field

- 2 parking for cars, motorbikes, bikes.

- 1 Generator of 48 KV

- 1 car

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