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Application for September Intake 2019 Now Open

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Message from the Dean

In the Faculty of Education, our pledge is to provide quality education and ensure that students     benefit from the modern facilities placed at their disposal in a conducive learning environment. In   pursuit of  PIASS mission, our programmes seek to incubate and to train skilled  teachers of   tomorrow.

The Programmes at Faculty of Education are designed in such way that student   teachers are provided with the opportunity to gain critical knowledge, skills and competences   leading to the fulfillment of the global Sustainable Development related to education: "ensuring  inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all". 

The   Faculty of Education operates at Huye (Main Campus) and Karongi Districts comprises main departments: Educational Planning and Management, School Psychology and Applied Pedagogy in different areas of spcializations. They include Department of Business Studies (specializations in Accounting, Entrepreurnship and Economics with Education), Geography, History, Mathematics with Education, and Department of Languages with specializations such as Kinyarwanda and English with Education. Other options in languages will open soon.

Since 2018, the Faculty of Education has launched the programme of Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) Masters’programme in Education are to start in a near future. Our staff is made up experienced and committed teachers, always ready and willing to assist and encourage students to exploit their potential to the fullest. For practical professional orientation, students are regularly trained through micro-teaching, teaching practices and internships  through the close collaboration with schools and other educational institutions. In terms of cooperation, the Faculty of Education has signed a number of MoUs to strengthening industrial attachment spirit. At international level, the Faculty is in close and strong cooperation with University of Bamberg/ Germany especially in Masters Programme in Quality Education and capacity building.  Through the commitment , cooperation, team spirit and sacrifice of our staff, the Faculty of Education strives to provide excellent service to its students as means of preparing them for later quality service for the whole education. Moreover, PIASS emplacement is relatively calm, clean and green in Huye and Karongi, and PIASS offers a satisfactory learning environment.
On behalf of the faculty, I take this opportunity to extend a warm and wholehearted welcome to prospective students and wish success to our current students!
Dean of Faculty of Education,
Prof. Dr. Innocent NKUNDABATWARE