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Joint Consultation and Colloquium PIASS-KwaZulu Natal part II

Posted April 1, 2019
Category Announcements

Work on Memory in post genocide Rwanda in Churches and Community-based organizations:  A Historical encounter for a listening and learning process
  Joint Consultation and Colloquium PIASS-KwaZulu Natal

Part II: Huye-Butare 17-20 March 2019
In Huye about 50 academics, leaders and members of community-based organizations met in a three days’ colloquium on the theme: Work on memory in post-genocide Rwanda in churches and community-based organizations. The question to address by the Huye 17-20 March 2019 colloquium was: what can institutions like the academia and the churches do to help people appropriate their shared history and to develop consensually a common identity out of a wounded memory? What can be the contribution of individual components of society in such ambitious enterprise? The colloquium recognized that research and Praxis should lead to walk Hand in Hand toward cooperation between the academia and community-based organizations. Memory deals with existential issues in a broken fabric of society; hence the government should aim at harmonizing the policies to help the people journey toward a common future. 


Vue of the participants at the conference at PIASS Conference Hall with the Vice chancellor of PIASS, Rev. Prof Elisee Musemakweli, fourth from Right

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of PIASS, Prof Penine Uwimbabazi, during the opening remarks of the conference, Sunday 17 March 2019

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